Open 4PM daily 

Open 4PM daily 


No Reservations Accepted




What is your best drink?

If there were one drink everyone liked best, we would only need to have one drink on the menu. Since everyone has different tastes, we offer many, in hopes of having something for everyone. If you are a new visitor and find our extensive drink menu a little overwhelming, we suggest a Mai Tai, our house specialty. It is a good place to start your exploration of our cocktails.


Why is it so dark in here?

Tiki bars are historically dark and mysterious. It's all about escaping the cares and troubles of the world outside. Here, you can embark on an exotic, jungle adventure, filled with candle lit tikis, glowing puffer fish and enchanting music, all while sipping deliciously potent tropical cocktails. This tradition began in the 1930's with Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's famous tiki temples. We continue in that tradition today, right here in Milwaukee.


What is a good time to visit? (many reviews say it is crowded)

Despite the reputation, this usually only applies to weekend nights starting about 8pm. The bar is least busy at our daily 4pm opening and the few hours that follow. Weeknights are also a good time to visit. Crowds pick up as it gets later in the evening. The bar only occasionally hits capacity on weeknights.


Why does it sometimes take a few minutes to be served?

The bartenders do their best to serve people in the order they approach the bar. The patron that ordered ahead of you most likely ordered several complex drinks. 


Why can it take several minutes for my drink to be made?

Making drinks with as many as a dozen ingredients takes time. Once you've tasted a cocktail made with care and only the finest ingredients, you will realize it's worth the wait.


Why does the doorman sometimes stop letting people in? 

We want your experience at our little slice of paradise to be the best and most memorable it can be. When all tables are occupied, we don't keep letting people in. Then everyone has a place to set their drinks and hang out with their party. An overly congested bar makes it very hard to serve customers properly and to keep tables cleared and cleaned. Maneuvering through a packed crowd, hoping to be served, is not the experience we have in mind. 


Can I bring in outside food?

We do allow you to bring in food and desserts, however, we ask that you take any garbage or leftovers with you, as we don't want extra garbage or food smells left behind.


Can I rent the Foundation Bar for a private event?

Unfortunately, we are a small bar with no extra rooms for private events. We have many regulars who wouldn't want to find their favorite hang out closed for a private function.



No Reservations Accepted